What is a promise ring?

What is a promise ring?

Promise rings can be exchanged if the couple feel they are too young to marry or if they have to overcome difficulties such as finance or situational hurdles before tying the knot.

Promise Ring Meaning

A promise ring is a sign of commitment between two people. Often, it is the first token of a serious relationship that is just developing, but exchanging promise rings can equally be a symbol of a joint commitment which is not related to love

A promise ring can mean many things:

  • I promise to always love you
  • I’m serious about you
  • I promise to marry you one day (but not just now)
  • I promise to be faithful
  • I promise to give up smoking
  • I promise to be your friend always

The Difference between a Promise ring and an Engagement Ring

If a promise ring is given with the understanding that it will be replaced in the future by an engagement ring, it is usually, although not always, somewhat more modest in design and price. Often, couples who know they will eventually marry begin by exchanging promise rings, move on to an engagement ring and finally purchase the wedding bands.


The promise ring can in this form, be created in less expensive materials, sterling silver, 9ct Gold or even Palladium. Diamond set rings will very often have smaller diamonds, keeping the cost to a more affordable level also.

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